Did you know that households are responsible for 74% of Brookline’s carbon footprint? That means what YOU do can make a difference.

Brookline has 27,000 households. Imagine if each Brookline household reduced its carbon emissions by 5,000 pounds or more. That's our goal.  

Below are some ideas of things you can do each month to make a difference:


  • January -- Switch the source of your home’s electricity to an alternative energy source. See "Sign Up to Get Your Electricity from Wind" or "Consider Solar" for information on how.
  • February -- Schedule a Home Energy Audit and do the recommended follow-up work.
  • March -- Come to Climate Week—Brookline’s annual event with classes, displays and ways to learn and take action. (Starting in 2016, Climate Week will be held in March instead of January.)
  • April -- Drink Brookline’s tap water and say goodbye to plastic water bottles.
  • May -- Reduce electricity use by changing to energy efficient light bulbs and turning off  appliances that leak electricity.
  • June -- Improve food choices by eating fewer meat meals and shopping for local produce. Try new vegetarian recipes.
  • July -- Schedule a visit with a solar panel expert or urge others to do so.
  • August -- Cool off using fans and turn your air conditioner to 78° or higher.
  • September -- Check out the Recycling Corner in the TAB to learn how to reduce, reuse and recycle.  Go zero waste.
  • October -- Take the T, walk or  ride your bike.  Discover car sharing and if you drive, turn off your engine when idling. As temps drop, top up tire pressure.
  • November -- Stop unwanted catalogs and phone books with www.catalogchoice.org.
  • December -- Turn your thermostat down at least 2° and even more at night and while out.

Some facts about Brookline:

Brookline was named a Massachusetts Green Community in 2011—one of over 100 in the state that meet five clean energy benchmarks—which enables the town to apply for grant funding for energy efficiency projects.  

Brookline has a Climate Action Plan.  Interested in seeing it, commenting on it or working to make it happen?   You can download a hardcopy of the plan by visiting the town's web site.

Climate Action Brookline has over 100 climate partners—a network of businesses, town groups, neighborhood associations, non-profits, schools, faith groups.