You Can Cut Household Carbon by 20% with Electricity from Renewable Sources

Your choice, your impact.  

Brookline Green Electricity (BGE) is a municipal aggregation program operated by the Town of Brookline. With BGE, Eversource continues to deliver electricity and manage all electricity billing. The only change is the source and cost of electricity supply, chosen by the Town of Brookline through a competitive bidding process.  

Ready to sign up now?  Click here.   To find out more, go to the town's Green Electricity website.

Why renewable energy? The Town is committed to increasing access to affordable renewable energy regardless of income level.  Renewable energy, like wind power, reduces our reliance on fossil fuels and your participation can help makes a difference. Something as ordinary as paying your electric bill can have an extraordinary impact on our community.

What Does the Community Say?

BGE Testimonials