Create a greener and healthier future by connecting Brookline citizens to ways they can reduce their carbon footprint at home, at work,
and in the community.
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Climate Week 2015
February 2-10

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Climate change is everyone’s business. Some people are just getting started, while others are on their way to mastering home energy efficiency. Below are some ways you can make a difference.

Improve Home Energy Efficiency

Get a free home energy assessment with the Green Homes Brookline program and make improvements that will lower your home's carbon footprint

Sign up to get your electricity from wind

Consider solar
Make lifestyle changes to lower your personal carbon footprint

Make Smart Food Choices

Make small changes that can have a big impact

Make Changes Each Month
Download a calendar of actions you can take each month.

Join our new Local Climate

CAB is launching a campaign
with our partner Mothers Out Front

"Green Up Your House with the
Click of a Mouse"

Be an early adopter and visit the
Mass Energy web site
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to sign up for electricity generated
from renewable sources through
Boston-based nonprofit Mass Energy.



Brookline's 2008 Carbon Footprint was approximately 540,000 tons of Carbon Dioxide

Source: Selectman's Climate Action Committee (CAC)


CAB is working to change the way we live and work through environmental awareness and action with:

Town Government  
Public Policy